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Autos, Boats and RVs

Do you long for that fresh and fragrant scent of new interior? New England Carpet Cleaning offers you the chance to experience this like-new pleasure again.

Have you left the windows of your vehicle open only to wake up in the morning to find out it rained cats and dogs the night before; leaving the interior wet, soggy, and not smelling so fresh? Is your home-away-from-home getting used less and less by the family because its filthy from the last road trip or camping excursion? Maybe you just purchased a truck or car that just wasn't being cared for the way it should? Or even better, the lovely odor of spoiled milk coming from your back seat, that lets you know that the little ones spilled milk on your car upholstery on the way to grandma's house the other day.

Well , the company that you trust for your carpet and upholstery cleaning in your home can also provide you with the same dependable and quality service for your auto, boat, and RV interior cleaning needs. All services are done on-location for your convenience.

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