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Commercial Cleaning


Commercial carpet or is a substantial investment for any business and therefore, should be protected for years to come. The longer your flooring lasts the less your yearly costs. Maintenance only makes up a percentage of the total cost, but it can significantly extend the life of your flooring.


Office Furniture

New England Carpet Cleaning can also assist you with the cleaning and sanitizing of your office furniture, which will help extend its life and appearance; minimizing costly replacements.


Upholstered Fabric Partitions

Like many modern office spaces today, they are constructed of fabric covered wall dividers. Yet, few companies implement the cleaning procedures necessary to maintain their appearance. New England Carpet Cleaning specializes in partition cleaning and can help restore them back to its original beauty.

Regularly scheduled maintenance removes soil before it can build up and further damage fibers in carpet pile or tile grout, extending the life of your investments. The same can be said of your office furniture. Nothing is more impressive than walking into an establishment and noting clean and well cared for surroundings.

New England Carpet Cleaning can assist your company with a custom maintenance program that is both dependable and cost effective.

We have flexible scheduling that includes nights and weekends, allowing your business to run smoothly and without interruptions; keeping everyone on schedule.


Examples of Commercial Locations:

  • Business / Corporate Buildings

  • Medical Facilities / Offices

  • Apartment / Condo Complexes

  • Nursing Homes

  • Retail Spaces

  • Restaurants

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